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About the Job
Amazon FBA: Hiring remote Account Manager with great people skills and Amazon e-commerce marketplace knowledge.

Job Position: Account Manager (client relations) for Amazon E-commerce Agency

Company Overview:
  • My name is Danny and I am the founder of Kenji ROI.
  • We are looking for a full time remote account manager to maintain relationships with our clients and communicate their needs to our team.
  •  Our company's mission is to help empower product brands to grow their sales on Amazon through optimized product listings and ads management services. For more information about the company, please search for our website.

Job Details:
  • Work From Home: or wherever you want within the North American time zone.
  • Be Involved In the Fast Growing E-commerce Space: We've been focused on Amazon for 5 years and benefited from their insane growth. We think there's still a lot of growth to come in this fast growing industry.
  • Anti Corporate Culture: Our team is a tight knit 25 people that like to joke around but still trust each other to get the job done. Our weekly Friday happy hour meetings can get a bit... weird.
  • NOTE: by Account Manager we mean managing the relationship with our clients, not the management of our client's Amazon Seller Central accounts.

These are what you'll be evaluated on. The more of these you have, the better!
  • Highly Organized: You don't miss small details when presented with lots of complex information
  • Self Sufficient: Can make decisions and implement them, even when they're unsure
  • Effective Communicator: Ensures the important information is communicated and understood
  • Emotionally Resilient/ Composed: Confident in ability to initiate & participate in hard conversations, even if the other person will not like what you have to say
  • Creative Problem Solving: Can think through complex, novel issues and present creative solutions on the fly
  • Assertiveness: Not afraid of confrontation. You'll stand up for yourself and what you believe in, even if that means engaging in an argument.
  • Rapport Building: You naturally find rapport with strangers of many backgrounds & ages quickly and easily.
  • Amazon E-commerce Knowledge: You understand the fundamentals of how brands sell products on Amazon such as Seller Central, listing optimization, and general Amazon terminology.
  • Extreme Ownership: When something goes wrong, your instinct is to ask what YOU could have done better, not who else's fault it is.

  • Excellent communication skills. 
  • Some experience with Amazon Seller Central accounts
  • Your own laptop & workspace, comfortable working remotely and staying focused.

We have a great team in place that knows how to do all the activities we need and they can teach you to fill in the gaps. But we want someone to join with EXPERIENCE that comes in and add value immediately. I'm a huge believer in the importance of being a culture fit for long term success. So, you can learn more about me on my website or via my social media. Only serious applicants need apply. We are looking for the best people to join us for the long term.

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Please note, only applicants who fill the form will be considered. Do not email or call us, we will just tell you to fill the form anyway.
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